Below is a brief sample of Cindy’s services and capabilities:

Political Strategy
Grass Roots Organization
Campaign Strategy
Issue Messaging
Coalition Building
Campaign Management
Political Consulting
Government Relations
Media Relations
Policy Analysis
Legislation Monitoring
Bill Tracking & Reporting
Issue Development
Proactive Legislation
Public Opinion Influence
Polling Coordination
PAC Management
Unbranded Media Campaigns
Field Work


With term-limits and ever-changing political dynamics, lobbyists play an important role in government.  Selecting proper representation is challenging.

In Colorado, legislators do not have full-time staff assisting them in explaining all bills and resolutions or their impact. Each year there are over 400 bills introduced and debated within the House and Senate. Without full understanding, even legislation with good intentions, has unintended consequences.

A great lobbyist helps clients educate the legislature on actual impact, shortcomings and pitfalls within a bill draft which results in the right bills being passed at the right time with the right impact.

Whether you are an advocacy group, a corporation or an organization, your voice must be heard. Choosing the right voice should be done with confidence. You want someone who speaks your message with integrity while effectively representing your needs and interests.

Before choosing an individual lobbyist or firm, consider the following questions:

- Are you looking at a single issue or area of interest?
- Do you want more visibility and involvement in broad-based public policy?
- Do you need to communicate effectively with large numbers of stakeholders?
- Does you have an existing government relations program that needs to be enhanced?
- Do you need to create a government relations program from scratch?
- Would your message be stronger with a grass roots program to increase your voice?
- Are you looking to become a credible source that is proactively sought in public policy?
- What are your organization’s goals this year? In five years and beyond?
- What are the barriers or opportunities for achieving your goals that exist in the current legislative arena?

Regardless of your answers, no individual, company or single group is an island unto themselves.  Identifying your goals for a successful government relations program will help you select the right fit.  A great lobbyist works with you to build the infrastructure you need to be successful for today and beyond. They also reach out and develop strong ties with other groups, organizations, as well as legislative and community stakeholders in your area of interest.  A powerful network that works as a cohesive unit creates the influence needed to make meaningful change and sound public policy.


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